Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment proudly presents the beloved sports dramas Miracle and The Greatest Game Ever Played on winning Disney Blu-ray this June 16, 2009. Relive these two inspirational, true-life tales of underdog sports heroism, now with amazingly immersive high definition picture and sound, plus hours of thrilling bonus features. This summer, everyone goes home a winner when Miracle and The Greatest Game Ever Played skate up and tee-off on Disney Blu-ray!

Relive the moment in U.S. Olympic history that united a nation when Miracle comes to Blu-ray Hi-Def this June 16, 2009. Face-off with this rousing, action-packed sports drama like never before, now with stunning, crystal-clear high definition picture and stadium-rocking 5.1 sound. Then, discover what it took to recreate one the most exciting moments in sports history with a winning line-up of behind-the-scenes bonus features, including: “First impressions: Herb Brooks with Kurt Russell and the Filmmakers,” highlighting Herb Brooks’ unforgettable experience coaching the 1980 U.S. Hockey Team to victory; “The Making-of Miracle” featurette; “From Hockey to Hollywood: The Actors’ Journeys,” detailing how the film’s twenty hockey-playing leads were cast in the film; “Miracle ESPN Roundtable with Linda Cohn,” spotlighting three of the real life players of the winning Olympic team, and an Audio Commentary by Director Gavin O’Connor, Director of Photography Dan Stoloff and Editor John Gilroy. Additional bonus features include outtakes and much more!

 In the tradition of Disney’s The Rookie and Remember the Titans, Miracle is another unforgettable sports film that inspired audiences and critics to stand up and cheer. Hollywood favorite Kurt Russell (Death Proof, Vanilla Sky) gives a moving performance as the dynamic and determined hockey coach Herb Brooks, who led twenty ordinary kids to an unlikely victory against the Russians at the 1980 Olympics. Miracle also stars Patricia Clarkson (upcoming Shutter Island, The Green Mile), Noah Emmerich (Little Children, Cellular) and Eddie Cahill (TV’s “C.S.I. NY, Lords of Dogtown). Miracle is an actionpacked sport classic with a miraculous new look and sound Blu-ray audiences won’t want to miss!

It’s a shame Miracle is often overlooked by those unwilling to give hockey a chance: love or hate the sport all you want, it doesn’t change the fact that Gavin O’Connor has delivered a spectacular film sure to stand the test of time. Disney’s Blu-ray edition is admirable as well. Its striking video transfer, potent DTS-HD Master Audio track, and generous collection of special features will finally give fans an excuse to chuck out their well-worn DVD copies of the film. Some exclusive content would have been nice, sure, but Disney’s latest Miracle release gets a hearty recommendation from me. 

Also tee-ing up on Disney Blu-ray this June 16, 2009, is The Greatest Game Ever Played Blu-ray Edition. Experience this rousing story of underdog determination, skill and heart, now with eye-popping high definition picture and sound. Then, go behind the scenes of this true-life sports drama with such exciting bonus features as “A View From the Gallery: On the Set of The Greatest Game Ever Played,” which details the filmmakers’ efforts to recreate the look and feel of the 1913 U.S. Open; “Two Legends and The Greatest Game,” which explores the enduring legacies of legendary golfers Francis Ouimet and Harry Vardon; “From Caddie to Champion: Francis Ouimet,” a vintage television broadcast from 1963 commemorating the 50th anniversary of Ouimet’s surprise victory; plus two insightful Audio Commentaries, one with Director Bill Paxton and a separate track with Author, Screenwriter and Producer Mark Frost.
The Greatest Game Ever Played was directed by the multi-talented Bill Paxton (actor -Titanic, Twister, director – Frailty). It features a winningly charismatic lead performance by future Hollywood superstar Shia LaBeouf (Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Transformers) in the role of amateur golfer Francis Ouimet, a working-class youth, who shocked the world by defeating golf pro Harry Vardon in the 1913 U.S. Open Championship. The Greatest Game Ever Played on Disney Blu-ray is the greatest way to
experience this classic tale of unexpected sports heroism!

Featuring a fantastic story wrapped up in a fine cinematic technical achievement, The Greatest Game Ever Played makes for one of the best films of its kind, a truly moving and heroic picture that manages to retain plenty of drama and emotion despite the foreknowledge of the story’s resolution. A rare picture that enjoys standout performances from every cast member and plenty of technical know-how behind the camera to take full advantage of the powerful story and fantastic acting, The Greatest Game Ever Played enthralls from beginning to end across the entire spectrum of cinematic delight. Disney has once again released a winning Blu-ray, this one delivering a strong, film-like transfer, a good lossless soundtrack, and a few quality bonus materials. For sports fans and Blu-ray collectors alike, The Greatest Game Ever Played earns a strong recommendation.


Audio commentary by Director Gavin O’Connor, Director of Photography Dan Stoloff and
Editor John Gilroy
“The Making-of Miracle” Featurette
“From Hockey to Hollywood: The Actors’ Journeys”
“The Sound of Miracle”
Miracle ESPN roundtable with Linda Cohn
First impressions: Herb Brooks with Kurt Russell and the filmmakers


A View From the Gallery: On the Set of The Greatest Game Ever Played
Two Legends and The Greatest Game
From Caddie to Champion: Francis Ouimet
Audio commentary with Director Bill Paxton
Audio commentary with Author, Screenwriter and Producer Mark Frost