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Our mission is to provide locals & visitors with news, info and tips about the entertainment industry in Southern California and near-by destinations.

Socalthrills.com launched in 2006 and started reporting on theme parks in Southern California. Since then, we have expanded to include all Theme Parks, movies, DVD’s, Performing Arts and Food & Wine.

Our team has been covering Theme Park Events (including the Disneyland Resort, Universal Studios Hollywood, Sea World San Diego, Knott’s Berry Farm and others) as well as Hollywood Red Carpet Premieres, Grand Openings, movie screenings and Entertainment related special events. If you have an event / promotion that you would like coverage, please contact us.

Writing Opportunities

Socalthrills.com periodically welcomes writers to provide content. If you are interested, please contact Robbie Bulus for more info.

The Staff:

Editor-in-Chief / Owner:
Robbie Bulus

Managing Editor
Patrick Campbell

Disney Diaries / Entertainment Writer:
Maverick Bohn

Entertainment Editor:
Joel Covey

East Coast Correspondent:
Lake Sprenkle

Greg’s Getaway Column:
Greg Aragon

Film Critics:
Danny Shutler
Shaun Beckerman

Cori Graham

Travel Correspondent
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Contributing Writers:
Loretta Garcia – Disney, Movie Reviews
Bob Garcia – Disney, Movie Reviews
Nico Schmelter – Video Games, Movie Reviews, Theme Parks
Jeremy Marshall
Brett Reider – Movie Reviews, Performing Arts
Ken Stears
Enrique Rodriguez

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